“Bizarro Pops” Collection


“Bizarro Pops” are a digital art collection of weird and deranged characters created by artist Seb Stillo. Each character comes accompanied with their own short, Bizarro horror story written by yours truly, Jake Jerome.

You can purchase them as NFTs here if you wish to support the artist Seb Stillo. That would be super chill! As someone who doesn’t understand NFTs and empathizes with your confusion, they’re also available for free below for your enjoyment.

A quick note: There is no Bizarro Pop #2 here due to the original piece selling before I joined the collaboration. Also would like to say “WACKY” and “RICK DONALD” are my personal favorites.

“CHORLES” (Bizarro Pop #1)

“RICK DONALD” (Bizarro Pop #3)

“WACKY” (Bizarro Pop #4)

“PAPA SMURF” (Bizarro Pop #5)

“DEAD ASS” (Bizarro Pop #6)

“REDD & BLU” (Bizarro Pop #7)